To combine the unique experimental and theoretical expertise available within Europe to acquire greater insight at the nanoscopic and molecular level into radiation damage induced by ion impact.

The scientific objective of the Action is to understand, monitor and control the nuclear dynamics.

Creation of a consortium of pan-European interest (FELs ‐ of ‐ Europe).

The objectives of the project are the study of elementary damage processes in prototype molecules 

The project activity is focused on the design, synthesis and study of low-dimensional systems.

The project investigates the morphological-structural characteristics of innovative materials for high latent heat energy storage devices, developed within the European FET-OPEN AMADEUS project.

Development of intense ESI sources and Application of the new devices.

Friday, 01 May 2020 11:09

MagNet - Magnetometry Network

Network of excellence at the service of the KIC Raw Materials community

The aim of the research is the study of aspects of ionic chemistry in the gaseous phase, which are of high interest in sectors of multidisciplinary impact. 

Dyna Chiro aims to probe the dynamical behaviour of chiral molecules, with chiral sensitivity.

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