Linguaggio della Ricerca

Linguaggio della Ricerca - LdR promotes a close collaboration between schools and science dissemination experts. The aim is to capture the interest of high school students in scientific research and to directly involve them in the dissemination of the topics they learn, using both English and Italian.

LdR is part of a National Network for scientific dissemination, which was created for fulfill the aims of the project "Dalla ricerca alla scuola e ... ritorno - Metodo, linguaggio e approccio scientifico per una scuola di qualità" (01.11.2016 - 05.11.2019). The project was financed by MIUR - Accordi e Intese (Law 113/91) D.D. 1524/2015 - Contract no. ACPR15T4_00327. The partners were CNR, ENEA and MeltingPro.
Beginning in the school year 2015/2016, the research units of ISM in Rome and Tito Scalo proposed a list of dissemination lessons to high schools in the surrounding areas.
ISM is involved in the organization of an annual LdR Workshop, which has been held every year since 2018, at the Montelibretti Research Area (AdR RM1). The workshop is dedicated to the high school students who have attended the LdR lessons and the works they produces based on the lessons of the previous school year. About 250 students participate every year.

Thursday, 03 December 2020 15:52

LdR Workshop

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