Cultural Heritage

ISM is involved in different Research Infrastructure Consortia for Heritage Science, at local, national and european level, offering its high-tech research facilities and competences for the complete characterization of archaeological items, in particular its composition, identification of starting materials, geographical provenance and age. ISM contributes with its advanced magnetometric investigations and complementary spectroscopic, diffractometric and microscopic diagnostics, providing good practices and relevant information for Cultural Heritage stakeholders and specialists in the safeguarding, restoration and conservation of archaeological and monumental heritage.
ISM is also developing sensitive and selective low-cost sensors to control and prevent the degradation of cultural heritage objects in museums, which are often stored in unsuitable climatic conditions or, according to their relevance, are exposed in hi-tech display cases needing accurate environmental monitoring.

  • APACHE - Active & intelligent PAckaging materials and display cases as a tool for preventive conservation of Cultural HEritage +

    Most of the cultural heritage objects hosted by museums are often stored in unsuitable climatic conditions. APACHE will develop cutting-edge Read More
  • E-RHIS - European Research Infrastructure Heritage Science +

    The Project aims to offer high-tech research infrastructures for the characterization of archaeological finds to the community active in the Read More
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