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Tito Scalo Branch

The ISM Tito Scalo branch, which is part of the CNR Research Area of Potenza (Tito Scalo - Italy), is involved on transversal and interdisciplinary research activities such as: preparation, surface treatment and processing of materials and their characterization through the use of high resolution and time resolved spectroscopic techniques. For the research activities carried on at the ISM Tito Scalo branch, laser beams either of nanoseconds or femtoseconds pulse durations are generally used. Its staff background covers different scientific fields such as physics, chemistry and materials science. For such a peculiarity the branch has developed and consolidated its research activities in fields of technological interest for applications in Key Enabling Technologies – KETs, such as: advanced materials, nanotechnologies, micro- and nano-electronics, nanotechnologies, photonics and advanced manufacturing systems. In this context, the ISM Tito Scalo branch has always merged fundamental research with scientific and technological needs coming from specific thematic areas such as automotive, energy, IoT and aerospace. The attitude of the branch’s staff in being involved in technology transfer processes has allowed them to take part to both the 5 Technology Clusters which are linked to the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) of the Basilicata Region as well as collaborating actively with SMEs and large enterprises such as FCA, SCAI Lab and CMD.

Person in charge
dr. Antonio Santagata - Tel. +39 0971427227
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