Coordinator - Antonio Santagata

The SYNTHESIS unit offers a wide range of expertises, services and instrumental techniques allowing either the design or the preparation of new organic and metalorganic molecules, the development of innovative multifunctional compounds, both in the form of micro- and nano-structures as well as of the bulk type, and the realization in an UHV environment of inorganic or hybrid interfaces.
The unit employs physical and chemical processes of synthesis, deposition, growth and treatment of materials. The combination of the synthesis’ skills together with those available at the TEMPISM platform provide the full realization of new systems having specific features and functionality suitable for several specific applications, as well as providing state-of-the-art results in the scientific-technological sectors in which the Institute is actively involved (e.g. Energy-Environment, Health-Bio, Automotive-Aerospace, Cultural Heritage, Blue-Sky Research and ICT).



Analysis Prototyping Synthesis Modelling

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