ISM nationwide

Roma - Tor Vergata Branch

The ISM headquarter is located in the CNR research area of Rome Tor Vergata (RM2). The location of RM2 in a district rich of numerous research institutes (INAF, INFN, ENEA, ESA), the Italian Space Agency, the Tor Vergata Hospital and the University of Rome Tor Vergata favors a fertile exchange of knowledge and the development of collaborations with a strong interdisciplinary character. Researchers and technologists at the ISM-Tor Vergata carry out research in the fields of materials science, condensed matter and biophysics using state-of-the-art laboratories for spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and x-ray diffraction techniques, supported by theoretical modeling methods. The technological development of devices and prototypes is also ensured by a clean-room system of about 1000 sqm with different cleanliness levels that operate in a shared manner among the institutes of RM2.  The ISM-Tor Vergata also gathers many researchers who possess an important know-how in the field of synchrotron radiation based experimental techniques leading to important research projects carried out in the major synchrotron radiation and free electron laser facilities around the world.
The skills of the staff, both researcher and technical-administrative, allow the participation in projects funded at regional, national and European level mainly in the strategic areas of energy, sustainable development and health.
At ISM-Tor Vergata, but more generally in ARTOV, teaching activities, attracting many Italian and foreign students every year, and outreach initiatives are extremely dynamic.

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