The workshop, jointly organized by CNR-ISM and the Università di Scienze, aims to highlight all common activities between CNR and Università RomaTre, emphasizing cross-disciplinary collaborations and addressing future perspectives.

In the framework of the activities of the NFFA-DI project, CNR-ISM organizes the Workshop PERSEUS - PERSpectivEs in Ultrafast Spectroscopy and materials processing in the IR-UV wavelength range. 
The workshop will present recent developments in the field of ultrafast spectroscopy and material treatment with ultrafast sources.

BioMaH is an international interdisciplinary forum composed of leading experts in the field of biomedical sciences held biennially.

Alessandro Bellucci and Daniele M. Trucchi are organizing a Special Session on “Nanotechnology for Materials and Devices Applied to Solar and Thermal Energy Conversion” in the framework of the 15th International "Conference of Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Material – NANOSMAT 2024" - Barcelona, 7/11 july 2024.

Organized by the CNR-ISM offices in Tito Scalo and Rome, participants in the iENTRANCE infrastructure project, the school will take place from February 20th to 22nd, 2024, at "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 16:11

BioDivErSI Project - Final Workshop

On the 4th December at 9:45 a half-day closing workshop of the BioDivErSI Project - Biomarkers Discovery with ElectroSpray- Mass Spectrometry (Research Groups call POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020) will take place in the Conference Room of the Research Area of ​​the CNR of Montelibretti.
The event will begin with a presentation of the results of the regional project, includes a session dedicated to regional initiatives and will end with a light lunch for the participants.

Wednesday, 04 October 2023 11:09

CMD30 - FisMat2023

During the Fismat2023 Conference, in which CNR-ISM participated as one of the organizers, the minicolloquium "Materials & Devices for Solar and Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion" took place, curated by Daniele M. Trucchi and Alessandro Bellucci. The scientific community actively participated, with international speakers discussing innovation and the development of advanced materials and devices aimed at enhancing efficiency in the production of electrical energy from solar and thermal sources. This event provided CNR-ISM personnel with the opportunity to present the results of their research activities.

The event, which is among the initiatives organized to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), represents an opportunity for growth and celebration for everyone, an important moment for young people not only to have fun and learn with scientific activities and demonstrations, but also to be able to discuss highly topical issues with CNR experts, and to talk about the future challenges that await them.

CNR-ISM will participate in the celebrations of the International Day of Light promoted by UNESCO with an event that brings together world-leading scientists (Alexey Kavokin, Massimo Altarelli, Fulvio Parmigiani, Francesca Calegari, Hrvoje Petek and Federico Capasso) to discuss their research related to light in a webinar format. During the event ISM will present a series of laboratories where scientific research using light currently takes place.

Laboratories open on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the foundation of the CNR which will be held on 21 April in Trieste at the Elettra Sincrotrone.

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