Agreements & Partnerships

Partnership ISM - Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste

Coordinator for CNR-ISM: Carlo Carbone


    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Daniele Trucchi

CNR-ISM & Università degli Studi della Basilicata - Dipartimento di Scienze

Operational Agreement for joint research activities on:

  • Development and study of sustainable systems and technologies for Health, Environment, Energy, Aerospace, Automotive and the conservation of Cultural Heritage
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Antonio Santagata
  • Synthesis and characterization of pi-greek-conjugated organic molecules for photovoltaics by classical and photochemical synthesis
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Ambra Guarnaccio

Agreement of scientific collaboration with CNR-IC and ISM for research activities concerning

Progetto Strategico Regione Lazio "SensoCARD"

Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Lorenzo Avaldi

Agreement of scientific collaboration between the CNR Institutes ex-ISMA, ex-ICVBC, ex-ITABC and ISM (Area della Ricerca di Roma 1)

  • Scientific activities for the study, conservation and dissemination of Villa di Cottanello, and, more in general, for actions promoting research in the geographic area of Sabina tiberina.
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Alessandra Paladini

Operational Agreement between the Department of Science of the Roma Tre University and the Institute for the Structure of Matter of the CNR as part of the Research Program
Quantum technologies for the study of relevant nanoscale systems to the realization of sensor, biomedical, magnetic and electronic applications"
divided into the following MacroAreas and Projects:

MacroArea 1 - Spectroscopy and Dynamics

  • Study of materials with strong electronic correlation and carbon-based systems
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Stefano Iacobucci
  • Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Systems with Increasing Complexity
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Paola Bolognesi
  • Plasmon generation and decay in low-dimensional systems
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Stefano Turchini

MacroArea 2 - Materials for Spintronics

  • Advanced techniques of characterization for the investigation of nanostructured magnetic materials
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Sara Laureti
  • Advanced characterization of magnetic nanoparticles
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Davide Peddis

MacroArea 3 - Inorganic, Organic, Biological Materials for Sensory Applications

  • Nanostructured noble metals and functionalization with organic molecules for plasmonic applications
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Alessandra Paladini
  • Investigation of bacterial response to dehydratation
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Giovanni Longo
  • Development and study of heterostructures of thin films grown of complex transition metal oxides with ferroic ordering
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Gaspare Varvaro

MacroArea 4 - Teaching activity for Ph.D. courses in Material Science, Nanotechnologies and Complex Systems
Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Gaspare Varvaro, Paola Alippi

CNR-ISM - Università Roma "Tor Vergata" - ENEA

Operational Agreement for joint research activities on:

  • SUSA – Smart Urban Sustainable Area conoscenza”
    Memorandum of Understanding "Economics of Science and Knowledge" promoted by MIUR
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Luca Pitolli

Agreement of scientific collaboration with CNR-ISM - Università Roma "Tor Vergata"

  • Studies on biomaterials and technologies for biomedical applications in the orthopedic and odontostomatology fields
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Dzhulietta Rau

CNR-ISM & Dipartimento di Scienze Molecolari e Nanosistemi dell’Università Cà Foscari Venezia

Operational Agreement for joint research activities on:

  • "X4En" XPS for Energy "Research Program
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Paolo Moras

CNR-ISM & Dipartimento di Fisica Università di Roma La Sapienza

Operational Agreement for joint research activities on

  • Study of structural, electronic, magnetic and optical properties of advanced materials of inorganic, organic origin and of biological interest. Such studies will have both a character of fundamental and applied research.
    Coordinator for il CNR-ISM: Roberto Flammini
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