Friday, 01 May 2020 12:01

EUROFEL - European Free Electron Lasers

Creation of a consortium of pan-European interest (FELs ‐ of ‐ Europe).

It is an initiative that provides the creation of a consortium of pan-European interest (FELs ‐ of ‐ Europe) that unites and coordinates the design and use of the intermediate energy Free Electron Lasers (FEL-Lasers with Europe).

Financing body: MIUR
Starting year: 2018
End year: 2021
Acronym: EUROFEL
Role ISM: Unit Coordinator
Referent ISM: Lorenzo Avaldi
Other ISM staff involved: Daniele Catone, Marcello Coreno, Patrick O'Keeffe, Paola Bolognesi, Nicola Zema, Fabio Zuccaro, Stefano Turchini, Paolo Moras, Alessandro Barla
laboratory: CiPo, GasPhase, EFSL

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