The Ricircola project had its objective in the development of the new circular economy paradigm to be transferred within the production cycle of the automobile FCA Melfi plant (ITALY) by carrying out an energy-environmental scenario analysis and evaluating the intervention and recycling methods of thermoplastic materials deriving from both production waste and end of life vehicles.

The project aims, through a systems approach, at designing, fabricating and testing future perpendicular magnetic storage media with areal density larger than 1 Tbit/in2.

Most of the cultural heritage objects hosted by museums are often stored in unsuitable climatic conditions. APACHE will develop cutting-edge technology to control and prevent the degradation of this heritage.

The Project aims to offer high-tech research infrastructures for the characterization of archaeological finds to the community active in the field of cultural heritage, through the establishment of dedicated laboratories.

The project aims to study the influence of parameters such as the thickness of the active material, the size of the electrodes, the material of the electrodes for the construction of diamond detectors for fast neutrons.

The project aims to develop a matrix of 12 pixels of CVD diamond spectrometers.

The project's objectives are the development of low cost CVD diamond radiation dosimeters and the development of dedicated electronics for reading.

The project deals with R&D and implementation of a prototype of an innovative XUV spectrometer for photon spectroscopy.

The activities of the CNR concern the study and preparation of innovative nanocomposite polymers.

The main objective of this project is to develop novel advanced materials for orthopaedic biomedical implants.

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