Blue Sky Research

Blue Sky Research

The mission of ISM-CNR towards new advanced technologies in daily life could not be accomplished without being solidly rooted on a fundamental understanding and control of physical and chemical processes. Blue sky research is thus encouraged and nourished as an essential ingredient to unveil novel properties of matter and its interaction with radiation, opening new perspectives for emerging technologies. Fundamental research at ISM is carried on at the top international level in well-established networks with world-leader Institutions and research groups, funded by EU and other international and national agencies.
Working at the forefront of knowledge, ISM has also developed a long standing tradition in the design and construction of unique instrumentation as well as in the development of new experimental and theoretical methods. Among others, also the synthesis of new materials is carried out by seeking methods and procedures that obey the principles of "green chemistry. The study of physical and chemical properties of solid, liquid, and gas phase systems is pursued through the synergy of theoretical/computational approaches and experimental methods, with the use of cutting-edge instrumentation at large scale facilities as well as in laboratory throughout the four branches of the institute.

Progetti Blue Sky Research

  • Acoustic Vibration Modes of Gold–Silver Core–Shell Nanoparticles +

    Acoustic Vibration Modes of Gold–Silver Core–Shell Nanoparticles The EFSL research group, in collaboration with the Laboratoire Lumière, Matière et Interfaces and the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides Read More
  • CLAMPS - CITIUS-LDM Atomic and Molecular Physics Support laboratory at Elettra, Trieste +

    The projects aims at establishing the "General Laboratory for Atomic and Molecular physics" support laboratory (GLAM) at Elettra. Read More
  • Nanoscale insights in radiation damage +

    The objectives of the project are: a) the study of elementary processes of radiation damage in prototype molecules  of biological Read More
  • CLaN4SEnSe - Combined Laser Nanotechnology for Solar Energy and Sensors +

    During the project laser based techniques have been used for the generation and characterization of nanostructured materials together with the Read More
  • CLaN - Combined Laser Nanotechnology +

    The aim of the International Cooperation CLaN project is to strengthen the participation of the ISM-CNR Tito Scalo branch to Read More
  • PIK - Single-shot X-ray radiation emission experiments +

    The project deals with R&D and implementation of a prototype of an innovative XUV spectrometer for photon spectroscopy. Read More
  • ARPA - Autonomous and flexible manufacturing and Augmented Reality techniques for Processes Automation +

    The activities of the CNR concern the study and preparation of innovative nanocomposite polymers. Read More
  • A nanoview of radiation-biomatter interaction +

    The project aims to exploit new opportunities to study the structure and dynamics of complex biomolecules isolated. Read More
  • EOS - Organic Electronics for Innovative Research Instrumentation +

    Development of new organic materials for the realization of electronic devices and integrated circuits for scientific applications. Read More
  • XLIC - XUV/X-ray light and fast ions for ultrafast chemistry +

    The scientific objective of the Action is to understand, monitor and control the nuclear dynamics. Read More
  • EUROFEL - European Free Electron Lasers +

    Creation of a consortium of pan-European interest (FELs ‐ of ‐ Europe). Read More
  • Nanoscale insights in radiation damage +

    The objectives of the project are the study of elementary damage processes in prototype molecules  Read More
  • 2D nanostructured materials self-organized on surfaces +

    The project activity is focused on the design, synthesis and study of low-dimensional systems. Read More
  • Structural/Morphological Characterization of Next generation Materials for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion +

    The project investigates the morphological-structural characteristics of innovative materials for high latent heat energy storage devices, developed within the European Read More
  • European Researchers' Night 2020 +

    European Researchers' NIGHT (H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2020)”. Researchers' Night promoted by the University of Calabria, Magna Graecia University, Mediterranean University, University of Basilicata, Read More
  • nanoTOOLS - New molecular tools for exploring the nanoscopic world +

    Development of intense ESI sources and Application of the new devices. Read More
  • MagNet - Magnetometry Network +

    Network of excellence at the service of the KIC Raw Materials community Read More
  • Chimica ionica e neutra in fase gassosa +

    The aim of the research is the study of aspects of ionic chemistry in the gaseous phase, which are of Read More
  • DYNA CHIRO - Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Chiral Systems +

    Dyna Chiro aims to probe the dynamical behaviour of chiral molecules, with chiral sensitivity. Read More
  • AMADEUS - Next GenerAtion MateriAls and Solid State DevicEs for Ultra High Temperature Energy Storage and Conversion +

    The AMADEUS project aimed to develop the next generation of materials and devices for the storage of high latent heat Read More
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