Friday, 01 May 2020 11:21

nanoTOOLS - New molecular tools for exploring the nanoscopic world

Development of intense ESI sources and Application of the new devices.

The objectives of the project are : 1) Development of intense ESI sources and new detectors and 2) Application of the new devices to challenging multidisciplinary topics

Financing body: MAECI
Starting year: 2018
End year: 2020
Call: MAECI Progetto di Grande Rilevanza  Italia-Svezia
Acronym: nanoTOOLS
Budget ISM (k€):75
Role ISM:Unit Coordinator
Referent ISM: Lorenzo Avaldi
Other ISM staff involved: Paola Bolognesi, Laura Carlini, Anna Rita Casavola, Mattea Carmen Castrovilli, Jacopo Chiarinelli
laboratory: Molecular Dyamics and Application (MDA) , GasPhase, CiPo

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