Monday, 05 July 2021 08:49

E-CROME project is starting now!

The #E-CROME project, for #telemedicine to assist cancer and terminal patients, is launched.The project, funded by Regione Lazio, Lazio Innova, Call Projects Research Groups 2020 involves the Department of Chemical Sciences and Technologies (DSTC) and the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering (DICII) of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the National Research Council (CNR-ISM and CNR-IC) and the Gemelli University Hospital Foundation (FPG).

The research activity aims to develop #wireless_biosensors to strengthen #telemedicine in the field of home care for cancer and terminal patients. A specific biosensor platform will be developed for blood counts and electrolytes analysis, capable of remotely monitoring the health status of cancer patients who undergo home therapy. The patient will be able to carry out the blood test independently, directly from home (a method similar to that for measuring blood sugar), and transfer the data safely to the doctor via smartphone.
The project will have beneficial effects in terms of reducing the hospital load and improving the comfort of the patient who will benefit from a direct connection with their doctor and from a simple, versatile and autonomous tool for health monitoring.
The project was the winner of the 2020 RESEARCH GROUP PROJECTS call funded by Lazio Region and will last two years. CNR-ISM will be responsible for the immobilization of biocomponents for the development of the wireless biosensor using the ElectroSpray deposition technique at the DepEST laboratory of the Molecular Dyamics and Application (MDA) group coordinated by Dr. Mattea Carmen Castrovilli.

ISM role: Unity
ISM contact person: Mattea Carmen Castrovilli
Project Fb page: :

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