Friday, 21 June 2024 09:03

IBIS ECO: Final Event for the Presentation of Project Results

On June 28th, the University Campus of Matera will host the presentation event for the results of the IBIS ECO project, aiming to inform system users and interested operators about the potential of the developed platform.
In particular, CNR-ISM will showcase the developed KET technology, with the release of the KET prototype installed in the demonstrators.

On Friday, June 28, at 11:00 AM, an event will be held in Room B003 at the Matera University Campus to present the IBIS ECO project and platform. 

The event will feature SCAI Lab, the project leader, and partners UNIBAS, CNR-ISM, CNR-IMAA, Meteo7, Wishinnovation, and Ecopraxi.

The main goal is to showcase to end users, stakeholders, and industry operators the potential of the IBIS ECO system:

  • Energy efficiency of buildings and overall comfort through optimized management of the building and its systems
  • Timely detection of anomalies
  • Predictive maintenance and increased user awareness.

Further information is available on the project website.


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