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SPEEDHY - Solar PhotoElectrochEmical black Diamond converters for hydrogen and ammonia production

SPEEDHY (Solar PhotoElectrochEmical black Diamond converters for hydrogen and ammonia production) project, funded within the PE5 sector of the PRIN 2022-U40 initiative, aims at demonstrating a new technology, based on defect engineerewww.speedhy.itd diamond structures, for the green production of hydrogen (H2) and ammonia (NH3) by exploiting concentrated solar radiation.

The SPEEDHY project aims to demonstrate the use of diamond in the development of photo-electrochemical devices for converting solar energy into either hydrogen or green ammonia

The characteristics of black diamond, a concept developed in the @DiaTHEMA laboratory, make this material suitable for efficiently absorbing concentrated solar radiation and generating solvated electrons capable of activating chemical reactions over a wide range of electrochemical potentials. These properties, along with the ability to engineer other structures via ultra-short pulse laser, are leveraged to create an all-diamond converter capable of operating with ionic liquids and under thermodynamic conditions prohibited for conventional devices.

The project activities are coordinated by CNR-ISM (coordinator: Alessandro Bellucci) in collaboration with the University of Federico II (coordinator: Prof. Rosa Turco). By the project's expected completion in October 2025, the goal is to prototype and validate the device in laboratory operational conditions (TRL 3).This technology presents a high conversion efficiency, high scalability and modularity, and low costs on mass-market manufacturing, targeting towards a cost-effective production in an environmentally friendly framework.

Acronym: SPEEDHY
Funding: MUR
Starting-ending year: 2023 - 2025
Call: PRIN 2022
Budget ISM k€: 128 k€
Role ISM: Coordinator
Referent ISM: Alessandro Bellucci
Relevant roles of personal ISM: Alessandro Bellucci - Coordinator
ISM personnel involved: Alessandro Bellucci, Veronica Valentini
Laboratory: DIaTHEMA Lab
Other Participants: University of Naples "Federico II"
Sito internet ufficiale del progetto:

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