Thursday, 14 September 2023 12:06

ATYPICAL - Atomically precise multifunctional single atom platforms

The goal of the project is to create single atom platforms, using organic templates obtained via the on-surface synthesis method. The focus is on 1D and 2D nanostructures with innovative characteristics and able to stabilize single metal atoms for applications in catalysis and magnetism.

The project ATYPICAL, funded by the MUR via the PRIN 2022 scheme, has one main objective: the creation of innovative nanomaterials for catalysis and magnetism. In particular, the project proposes the development of a new methodology for stabilizing single metal atoms in suitable organic sites anchored to polymeric nanostructures that are obtained by the on-surface synthesis method. The versatility of the molecular precursors used to form the organic template offers unique perspectives of modification and control at the atomic level of the single atom functionality. ATYPICAL is carried out by two research units, at the CNR-ISM and the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Financing body: Ministero dell'Università e Ricerca (MUR)
Starting year: 2023
End year: 2025
Call: PRIN 2022
Budget ISM: 104 k€
Role ISM: Coordinator
Referent ISM: Marco Di Giovannantonio
Other ISM staff: Conor D. Hogan
Laboratory: Onset Lab

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