Wednesday, 01 February 2023 14:07

ACCESS - Atomically precise carbon-based platforms for single-atom nanomaterials

The aim of the project is to identify useful strategies for the formation of new low-dimensional nanomaterials through the on-surface synthesis.
The focus is on the use of organic nanostructures that are able to stabilize single metal atoms for applications in catalysis.

The project ACCESS arises from the approval of the Joint Research Project 2023-2024 coordinated by Marco Di Giovannantonio (CNR-ISM) and Akimitsu Narita (OIST, Japan), within the framework of the bilateral agreement between CNR and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
The project focuses on the search for effective strategies for the stabilization of single metal atoms on surfaces, mediated by organic templates. The strength of the project is the interaction between the two units regarding the organic synthesis of molecular precursors (OIST) and the formation and characterization of the obtained nanostructures (CNR-ISM). ACCESS proposes a new approach that combines the study of single atoms, metallorganic chemistry and on-surface synthesis, to identify the most promising strategies that can enable the creation of tunable active sites with many potential applications, especially in catalysis.

Acronym: ACCESS
Financing body: CNR
Starting year: 2023
End year: 2024
Call: Joint Research Projects CNR-JSPS, 2023-2024
Budget ISM: 16 k€
Role ISM: Coordinator
Referent ISM: Marco Di Giovannantonio
Other ISM staff: Conor D. Hogan
Laboratory: Onset Lab
Website: CNR - Bilateral Agreement 

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