Monday, 06 February 2023 13:38

EuAPS – EuPRAXIA Advanced Photon Sources - Notice of selection

The EuAPS-EuPRAXIA project will implement a user facility, providing advanced photon sources consisting of a plasma-based betatron source for producing partially coherent soft X-rays, a medium power high repetition rate laser and a high power laser.

Position as Technologist III level, at the Istituto di Struttura della Materia – Regional Center at Tito Scalo (PZ) for the development of scientific and technological research within the Working Package 2 'Betatron Radiation Source' of the EuAPS-EuPRAXIA project. The activity concerns the design, development and management of a spectrometer based on gas phase photoionisation and mass spectrometry techniques for the characterisation of betatron radiation.

Requirements: Master's Degree or Specialized Degree, or University Degree in Physical Sciences or Chemical Sciences; at least three years of experience in design and operation of spectrometers for photoionisation and mass spectrometry or possession of the title of Research Doctor or a PhD relevant to the field of experience requested

Deadline 02/03/2023 - Duration 2 years

Secondary Headquarter Tito Scalo - Scientific supervision:  Paola Bolognesi

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