Wednesday, 16 November 2022 12:09

Call No. 390.59 for fixed-term researcher profile - Tito Scalo headquarters

In the framework of the IBIS ECO project funded by the Basilicata Region (PO FESR BASILICATA 2014-2020 Complex research and development projects "CORES"), a call has been opened for a fixed-term position as Level III Researcher with work place Tito Scalo (PZ).

CALL N. 390.59 RIC ISM
Description: Carrying out of the following scientific research activity: fabrication of innovative sensors based on nanostructured semiconductors and electronic charge transport mechanisms within the project called IBIS ECO
Main requirements: Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering; at least three years of experience in the development of mathematical models applied to engineering and materials science, in particular nanostructured semiconductor materials and optimization of their electronic performance, or possession of the PhD title related to the required experience

Deadline:  15 december 2022 - Duration: 1 year

Person to ask for information: Alessandra Serangeli, responsible for the procedure - Alessandro Bellucci, responsible for the project

Secondary Headquarter Tito Scalo

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