General Laboratory for Atomic and Molecular physics - GLAM

General Laboratory for Atomic and Molecular physics - GLAM

Fabio Zuccaro  -

Marcello Coreno  -


The GLAM laboratory provides technical support to the atomic and molecular physics group of the Elettra laboratory (Trieste, Italy) and to ISM-CNR research activities, within the MIUR International Project EUROFEL. The laboratory performs 3D design of advanced instrumentation for vacuum and ultra-high vacuum experiments. It carries out precision mechanical works at the Elettra ST workshops. It assembles and tests the new equipment. It maintains the equipment in use at the beamlines.


  • Vacuum test chamber
    with multiple flanges (from CF40 to CF150) and turbo-molecular pump 
  • Base pressure: 3 × 10-9mbar
  • Gas analyzer for leak test (down to 1 × 10-12mbar)


  • Design

  • Design and 3D rendering using the software SolidWorks
  • Workshop

  • Turning and milling processes
  • Electro-erosion
  • Vacuum sealing and welding

  • TIG welding
  • Brazing with vacuum compatible alloys
  • Vacuum test chamber

  • Leak test using He gas
  • Residual gas analysis (RGA)


Mechanical processing and assembly of the new 2D delay line (2DDL) detector of the VG 220i electron spectrometer of the GasPhase beamline. The 2DDL detector has been realized in collaboration with the Elettra ST Detectors and Instrumentation group in the framework of the CERIC project DynaChiro (Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Chiral Systems).



CONGRAAM chamber

The CONGRAAM chamber for controlled growth will become part of the equipment available at the VUV-Photoemission beamline. The GLAM laboratory deals with technical project (3D rendering is shown on the side), realization of part of the instrumentation, assembly, installation and functional tests.

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