• Optical lithography

    Optical lithography

    Two optical lithography techniques are available: 1) Ultraviolet lithography also known as photolithography, which is the most common used patterning Read More
  • Micro and nanomachining

    Micro and nanomachining

    Micro and nanomaching of materials and devices are performed with techniques that physically modify their surface and/or the bulk, such Read More
  • ElectroSpray Deposition

    ElectroSpray Deposition

    The Electrospray Ionization (ESI) technique, allows to bring large molecules as intact and isolated units in the gas phase. Its Read More
  • Contact metallization

    Contact metallization

    The metallization technique is usually aimed at (but not limited to) the fabrication of electrical contacts of prototypes and devices Read More
  • Microwire bonding

    Microwire bonding

    Wire bonding is the method of making interconnections between a device and the external circuit. Wire bonding is generally considered Read More
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