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NEST - Network for Energy Sustainable Transition

Universities, research centers, and businesses for the Italian Energy Transition.

The NEST Foundation is the core organization and sole point of reference for the implementation, coordination, and management of the "Extended Partnership" in the field of "Future Energy Scenarios, line 2a: Future Green Energies".

NEST is one of the 14 major extended partnership projects selected by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), funded by the European Union as part of NextGenerationEU (Mission 4, Component 2, Investment 1.3 of the PNRR) with the aim of subsidizing basic research projects to strengthen research sectors at the national level and promote their participation in strategic European and global value chains.
The primary mission is to build competent Italian leadership, consistent with the existing excellence of the Foundation's partners and affiliates, capable of supporting the growth of new generations of energy technologies, researchers, and research infrastructures for a sustainable and resilient energy sector.
There are 9 NEST Spokes, and they can be defined as the best energy solutions for the Italian energy transition.
They conduct specialized research in specific areas. Comprising multiple public and private partners distributed across the national territory, they leverage interdisciplinary expertise to generate new knowledge and develop innovative technologies and processes for the conversion and use of renewable and sustainable energy sources.

CNR-ISM contributes to the network via the development of sustainable advanced materials for energy applications.

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