Thursday, 01 September 2022 11:16


Funded by the Basilicata Region as part of the complex research and development projects "CORES", the IBIS ECO project (IoT-based Building Information System for Energy Efficiency & Comfort) started in January 2022, involving CNR-ISM for the fabrication of hi-tech sensors of polluting gases.
ISM will represent the partner able to satisfy the requirement to supply Key Enabling Technologies (KET), together with the leader Scai Lab, within the consortium.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the re-development and decarbonization of the existing real estate portfolio by promoting its "smart readiness" with a data-driven approach capable of improving energy efficiency and overall comfort through the integration of technologies (KET, IoT, data analytics) and advanced methodologies to optimize the management of the building and its systems, the timely detection of anomalies, predictive maintenance and promote greater user awareness.

Acronym: IBIS ECO
Financing body: Regione Basilicata
Starting year: 2022
End year: 2024
Call: PO-FESR BASILICATA 2014-2022 - Progetti Complessi di Ricerca e Sviluppo "CORES"
Budget ISM k€: 650 k€
Role ISM: Leader WP "Sviluppo di dispositivi nanotech per risparmio energetico e comfort"
Referent ISM: Alessandro Bellucci
Other ISM staff: Daniele M. Trucchi, Antonio Santagata, M. Lucia Pace
Laboratory: Diathema Lab, FemtoLab
Project partner: Università degli Studi della Basilicata, CNR-IMAA, SCAI Lab (capofila), METEO7, Wish Innovation, ECOPRAXY

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