Friday, 01 May 2020 09:28

MD-GAS - Molecular Dynamics in the Gas Phase

The Action aims to develop a new physical and chemical toolbox.

The Action aims to develop a new physical and chemical toolbox to significantly advance the understanding of: • Gas phase molecular dynamics induced in interactions between molecules or clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles. • Its consequences for a broad range of applications in e.g. astrochemical and atmospheric sciences, and molecular radiation damage. 30 countries are involved hosting STSM e regular meetings.

Financing body: EU
Starting year: 2019
End year: 2023
Call: COST action
Acronym: MD-GAS
Role ISM: WP leader/MC Committee/Team Member
Referent ISM: Paola Bolognesi, Lorenzo Avaldi
Other relevant roles: Paola Bolognesi (WP leader)
Other ISM staff involved: Laura Carlini, Anna Rita Casavola, Mattea Carmen Castrovilli, Jacopo Chiarinelli
laboratory: Molecular Dyamics and Application (MDA)

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