Wednesday, 26 October 2022 13:07

Post-graduate fellowship - Notice of selection n° ISM/ASS/008/2022/PZ

Measurements and Characterization of Powders and Nano-Particles produced by a pyrolytic cycle for a gasifier and study on the possibilities of reuse within the project "EMERA - Efficiency of micro energy networks powered only by renewable sources for the autonomy and independence of rural areas from the centralized system".
Selection for n.2 Post-graduate fellowship

The project pursues the objective of integrating solar and biomass energy and storage modules in a particularly compact unit which, once the industrialization phase is completed, then a highly innovative product, which can be used for powering electrical and particular micro-grids interest for the specific territory.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Physics, Chemical Sciences, Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Technologies, Environmental and Land Engineering obtained according to the legislation in force prior to DM 509/99, or the Specialist / Master's Degree (D.M. 5 May 2004);

Deadline 04/11/2022 - Duration 1 year  

Secondary Headquarter: Tito Scalo - Scientific supervision: Antonio Morone

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