Automotive & Aerospace

Automotive & Aerospace

Automotive and Aerospace are very challenging technological sectors that include a huge network of counterparts involving not only the companies producing land and space vehicles, but also enterprises and research institutes developing innovative technologies and materials as well as multidisciplinary methodologies which are of fundamental importance for a sustainable and competitive growth of both their manufacturing processes and goods. The ISM-CNR activities within these research frameworks are strongly supporting not only fundamental and applied research which spans from the R&D of solar fuels, supercapacitors, sensors, photovoltaic systems’ integration, design of new cathodic systems for micro- and nano-batteries, thermoelectric and optoelectronic devices, etc. but also cross-cutting technological and service transfer processes. With this regard ISM-CNR shares with the national and international production system and the Basilicata Region Automotive Cluster, its expertise on KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) such as advanced materials, photonics, nanotechnology, micro and nanoelectronics and advanced manufacturing technologies, for addressing the issues of Industry 4.0 and S3 (Smart Specialization Strategy) concepts and to pursue the new paradigm of the Industry 5.0.
In recent partnerships with leading companies in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, the ISM-CNR replies to the most common innovation and technology requests. In particular, in collaboration with benchmarking companies of the Automotive sector, the CNR-ISM designs and develops smart and innovative materials also for 3D printing, employs laser based processes for designing new devices and for either functionalizing or varying the surface properties of materials, supports both processes optimization, including approaches for recycling and re-use materials, and technologies to be included in automotive production in order to increase efficiency, reliability, maintainability, sustainability, processability, durability and safety within the Industry 4.0 framework.
Moreover, in collaboration with leader Aerospace companies, the activities of the ISM-CNR concern the development of nanostructured materials able to improve radiofrequency devices which find application in modern fixed, mobile and avionics radars and in terrestrial and satellite, civil and military telecommunications systems. Remote power supply technology for lighter and more compact aerospace systems such as satellites and rovers are under development at ISM-CNR. Finally, the ISM-CNR activities within the more specific Aerospace/Astrophysics sector cooperates with INAF in the integration of international efforts in high-energy astrophysics, keeping the reference community at the forefront of science and technology and ensuring that national astronomical observatories remain at the state-of-the-art level.

Automotive e Aerospace Projects

  • GIANCE - Graphene Alliance for Sustainable Multifunctional Materials to Tackle Environmental Challenges +

    GIANCE - Graphene Alliance for Sustainable Multifunctional Materials to Tackle Environmental Challenges GIANCE is a 3-year long project funded by Horizon Europe. It presents creative solutions to environmental challenges by establishing a Read More
  • High-electron mobility 2D polymers (P2DAME) +

    High-electron mobility 2D polymers (P2DAME) #P2DAME aims at the realization of a #FET (high-frequency field effect transistor), whose heart is represented by a new #2D_polymer Read More
  • CLAMPS - CITIUS-LDM Atomic and Molecular Physics Support laboratory at Elettra, Trieste +

    The projects aims at establishing the "General Laboratory for Atomic and Molecular physics" support laboratory (GLAM) at Elettra. Read More
  • AHEAD2020 - IIntegrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain +

    AHEAD2020 has been approved to advance the integration of national efforts in high-energy astrophysics, keeping the community at the cutting Read More
  • DISSIPO - Ambiente di Simulazione Integrato Elettromagnetico Termico e FiSico per l’ottimizzazione delle preStazioni in dIspositivi di POtenza a Semiconduttori +

    The goal of the project was the realization of a hybrid HPA (High Power Amplifier) ​​demonstrator in the 11-12 GHz Read More
  • The factory towards a circular economy: from the recovery of plastic to the end-of-life of vehicles +

    The Ricircola project had its objective in the development of the new circular economy paradigm to be transferred within the Read More
  • PIK - Single-shot X-ray radiation emission experiments +

    The project deals with R&D and implementation of a prototype of an innovative XUV spectrometer for photon spectroscopy. Read More
  • ARPA - Autonomous and flexible manufacturing and Augmented Reality techniques for Processes Automation +

    The activities of the CNR concern the study and preparation of innovative nanocomposite polymers. Read More
  • GAUDETE - GAs phase Upgraded DETEctor +

    Elettra-ST project with CNR-ISM in-kind contribution, for the upgrade of the VG hemispherical photoelectron analyzer of the GasPhase Photoemission beamline. Read More
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