Friday, 15 September 2023 11:00

CNR-ISM activities for the European Night of Researchers 2023

CNR-ISM researchers will take part in the ScienzaInsieme NET events at the Città dell'Altra Economia in Rome and in the Research Area of Rome 1 near Montelibretti.

#NotteEuropeaDeiRicercatori #progettoNET #scienzainsieme #europeanresearchersnight2023

The initiatives include workshops, activities for children, talks, meetings with researchers to communicate broad scientific interests to the general public of all ages. Entry to the events is free but booking is advisable. All details and online booking are available at:

Città dell'Altra Economia - Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September, from 6.30pm to 11.00pm

Energia trasparente, per le città del futuro
Lego a forza atomica
I supercondensatori sostenibili

Area Della Ricerca Roma 1, Montelibretti - Friday 29th September from 6.00pm to 11.00pm

DiaTHEMA Lab experience
Attratti ... dal Laboratorio Materiali Magnetici Nanostrutturati
Tutto il magnetismo ... in una scatola
Il Linguaggio della Ricerca nell'Area CNR-RM1
Esperimenti luminescenti
Luminescenza - quando la materia brilla di luce propria

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