High Armonic Generation (HHG)

EFSL - EuroFEL Support Laboratory  -

The high harmonic generation (HHG) source under development in the laboratory makes use of strongly non-linear processes in noble gases to generate high harmonics (up to 25th harmonic in Argon) by a three step process involving ionisation, electron acceleration and recombination. In the HHG set-up in this laboratory the VUV light is monochromatised (probe) and combined with light from the OPA (pump) to perform UV-Vis/EUV pump-probe experiments with resolution of 100 fs. The monochromator was developed in collaboration with CNR-IFN.


  • Rep. Rate: 1KHz
  • Temporal Resolution: 100 fs
  • Pump Energy [OPA]: 240-1600 nm
  • Probe Energy Range [HHG]: 15 - 90 eV
  • Bandwith 150-200 meV @ 50 eV
  • Maximum flux 1012 photons/s


  • Time-Resolved Reflectivity in VUV
  • Time-Resolved Absorption in VUV


  • To be defined during the commissioning.



  • Semiconductor/ Microelectronics

  • Nanostructured materials

  • Hybrid Materials

  • Photovoltaic

  • Plasmonics

  • Photocatalysis

  • Sensors

  • Energy

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