Title Authors Year Journal
Facile and fast synthesis of highly ordered L10-FeNi nanoparticles G. Varvaro, P. Imperatori, S. Laureti, D. Peddis, F. Locardi, M. Ferretti, C. Cannas, M. Sanna Angotzi, N. Yaacoub, A. Capobianchi 2024 Scripta Materialia
Two-dimensional periodic surface nanotexturing of 6H-SiC by ultrashort laser pulses M. Mastellone, E. Bolli, V. Valentini, A. Bellucci, S. Orlando, A. Santagata, R. Polini, A. Lettino, E. Sani, D.M. Trucchi 2024 Surfaces and Interfaces
Phase transition at 350 K in the Ti3C2 Francesco Cordero, Hanna Pazniak, Thierry Ouisse, Jesus Gonzalez-Julian, Aldo Di Carlo, Viktor Soprunyuk, Wilfried Schranz 2024 Physical Review B
Low Electron Affinity Silicon/Nanocrystalline Diamond Heterostructures for Photon-Enhanced Thermionic Emission Raffaella Salerno, Veronica Valentini, Eleonora Bolli, Matteo Mastellone, Valerio Serpente, Alessio Mezzi, Luca Tortora, Elisabetta Colantoni, Alessandro Bellucci, Riccardo Polini, Daniele M. Trucchi 2024 ACS Applied Energy Materials
Room-Temperature O3 Detection: Zero-Bias Sensors Based on ZnO Thin Films Eleonora Bolli, Alice Fornari, Alessandro Bellucci, Matteo Mastellone, Veronica Valentini, Alessio Mezzi, Riccardo Polini, Antonio Santagata, Daniele Maria Trucchi 2024 Crystals
Terahertz saturable absorption from relativistic high-temperature thermodynamics in black phosphorus Nidhi Adhlakha, Zeinab Ebrahimpour, Paola Di Pietro, Johannes Schmidt, Federica Piccirilli, Daniele Fausti, Angela Montanaro, Emmanuele Cappelluti, Stefano Lupi, Andrea Perucchi 2023 Physical Review Applied
Co/Pd-based spin-valves with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy on flexible substrates. Direct deposition vs transfer-and-bonding approaches Mariam Hassan, Sara Laureti, Christian Rinaldi, Federico Fagiani, Gianni Barucca, Annamaria Gerardino, Nataliia Schmidt, Mario Fix, Manfred Albrecht, Gaspare Varvaro 2023 Applied Surface Science
Photonics and Plasmonics: New Challenges for Optical Nanostructured Materials in Sensing Alessandra Paladini, Paolo Prosposito, Iole Venditti 2023 Chemosensors
Dynamics of the Bulk-to-Topological State Scattering of Photoexcited Carriers in Bi2Se3 Thin Films Valerio Campanari, Daniele Catone, Patrick O’Keeffe, Alessandra Paladini, Stefano Turchini, Faustino Martelli, Matteo Salvato, Nouha Loudhaief, Elena Campagna, Paola Castrucci 2023 ACS Applied Electronic Materials
Injecting Electrons into CeO2 via Photoexcitation of Embedded Au Nanoparticles Eleonora Spurio, Jacopo Stefano Pelli Cresi, Giuseppe Ammirati, Samuele Pelatti, Alessandra Paladini, Sergio D’Addato, Stefano Turchini, Patrick O’Keeffe, Daniele Catone, Paola Luches 2023 ACS Photonics
Electron-hole liquid formation in formamidinium lead bromide perovskite FAPbBr3 Giuseppe Ammirati, Daniele Catone, Patrick O’Keeffe, Francesco Toschi, Stefano Turchini, Fabio Matteocci, Jessica Barichello, Aldo Di Carlo, Faustino Martelli 2023 Physical Review B
Formation of H3O+ and OH by CO2 and N2O trace gases in the atmospheric environment Daniele Catone, Mattea Carmen Castrovilli, Francesca Nicolanti, Mauro Satta, Antonella Cartoni 2023 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Time-Resolved Chiral X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy with Transiently Enhanced Atomic Site Selectivity: A Free-Electron Laser Investigation of Electronically Excited Fenchone Enantiomers D. Faccialà, M. Devetta, S. Beauvarlet, N. Besley, F. Calegari, C. Callegari, D. Catone, E. Cinquanta, A. G. Ciriolo, L. Colaizzi, M. Coreno, G. Crippa, G. De Ninno, M. Di Fraia, M. Galli, G. A. Garcia, Y. Mairesse, M. Negro, O. Plekan, P. Prasannan Geeth 2023 Physical Review X
Self-Standing 3D-Printed PEGDA–PANIs Electroconductive Hydrogel Composites for pH Monitoring Rocco Carcione, Francesca Pescosolido, Luca Montaina, Francesco Toschi, Silvia Orlanducci, Emanuela Tamburri, Silvia Battistoni 2023 Gels
Functionalized gold nanorods as drug carriers: a promising antiviral system Elena Olivieri, Simone Amatori, Martina Marsotto, Giovanna Iucci, Chiara Battocchio, Maura Pellei, Carlo Santini, Andrea Cara, Zuleika Michelini, Marisa Colone, Annarica Calcabrini, Alessandra Paladini, Francesco Toschi, Iole Venditti, Annarita Stringaro 2023 Journal of Physics: Conference Series
On-surface synthesis and characterization of teranthene and hexanthene: ultrashort graphene nanoribbons with mixed armchair and zigzag edges Gabriela Borin Barin, Marco Di Giovannantonio, Thorsten G. Lohr, Shantanu Mishra, Amogh Kinikar, Mickael L. Perrin, Jan Overbeck, Michel Calame, Xinliang Feng, Roman Fasel, Pascal Ruffieux 2023 Nanoscale
On‐Surface Synthesis of Edge‐Extended Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons Amogh Kinikar, Xiushang Xu, Marco Di Giovannantonio, Oliver Gröning, Kristjan Eimre, Carlo A. Pignedoli, Klaus Müllen, Akimitsu Narita, Pascal Ruffieux, Roman Fasel 2023 Advanced Materials
On‐Surface Interchain Coupling and Skeletal Rearrangement of Indenofluorene Polymers Qiang Chen, Marco Di Giovannantonio, Kristjan Eimre, José I. Urgel, Pascal Ruffieux, Carlo A. Pignedoli, Klaus Müllen, Roman Fasel, Akimitsu Narita 2023 Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
Sterically Selective [3 + 3] Cycloaromatization in the On-Surface Synthesis of Nanographenes Amogh Kinikar, Xiao-Ye Wang, Marco Di Giovannantonio, José I. Urgel, Pengcai Liu, Kristjan Eimre, Carlo A. Pignedoli, Samuel Stolz, Max Bommert, Shantanu Mishra, Qiang Sun, Roland Widmer, Zijie Qiu, Akimitsu Narita, Klaus Müllen, Pascal Ruffieux, Roman F 2023 ACS Nanoscience Au
Optical characteristics of nanostructured aluminium/diamond composite systems in the visible range Alessandro Bellucci, Valerio Campanari, Matteo Mastellone, Patrick O'Keeffe, Alessandra Paladini, Riccardo Polini, Daniele M. Trucchi 2023 Diamond and Related Materials
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