Coordinator - Polina Sheverdyaeva

Section ANALYSIS presents a variety of tools and techniques to study gases, liquids and solids in the form of  powders, nanostructures and single crystals from the atomic level to the macroscopic scale  and in the time domain. Analytical methods allow chemical characterization of gases and liquids. Magnetometry, magneto-transport and heat transfer measurements are dedicated to solid state magnetism. Microscopy, diffraction and reflectometry investigate morphology and composition of surfaces, interfaces and heterostructures. Mechanical, hydrostatic and ageing behavior, as well as the dielectric and anelastic properties of materials can be determined. Pump and probe spectroscopies explore time-dependent phenomena. Electron and optical spectroscopies over a broad range of energies deal with the electronic and chemical properties of materials. Synchrotron radiation based spectroscopies are available on the three beamlines managed by ISM-CNR at the synchrotron Elettra (Trieste).

Analysis Prototyping Synthesis Modelling

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