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Monterotondo Branch

The MLIB-branch of the ISM Institute considering the human resources in terms of research and technical/administrative staff and temporary staff (students, temporary contracts, associated researchers) distributed in more than 4000 square meters of research infrastructures in the Montelibretti Research Area, is one of the largest and most numerous locations of the ISM Institute. The MLIB-branch deals with cutting-edge research ranging from modeling to prototyping of devices, passing from the study of processes, to the preparation and functionalization of materials, to the characterization of their structural and electronic properties, with the active participation in all the main research activities of the Institute. The area in which these activities are developed is multidisciplinary with a strong presence of chemists, as well as engineers and experimental and theoretical physicists.
Its activities besides the advancement of knowledge have as main objective the development of numerous applications in sectors such as energy, environment, biology, electronic and magnetic devices and cultural heritage. These activities have been developed and have grown over the years thanks to the regular participation in numerous projects financed by external bodies, including the EU Commission, Lazio region, MIUR, MAE, etc., which have made it possible to substantially support the research bringing to the Institute a considerable amount of funds from competitive projects. The MLIB-branch is also active in services provided to enterprises and SMEs, in educational activities, both in higher education (in collaboration with the Roman Universities) and aimed at high school and first grade students, and scientific dissemination activities with the organization of specialist schools and congress events also of worldwide relevance.
Person in charge
dr. Daniele M. Trucchi - Tel. +39 0690672558
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