Mercoledì, 06 Settembre 2023 10:23

PRIN2022 e PRINPNRR2022: CNR-ISM protagonista con 19 progetti

#PRIN2022 e #PRINPNRR2022: CNR-ISM protagonista con 19 progetti assegnati di cui 7 come Principal Investigator nei settori di materiali innovativi, energia, sensoristica e biomedicina.

Premiata la capacità di CNR-ISM di fare ricerca multidisciplinare e all'avanguardia grazie all'assegnazione di 19 progetti, di cui 7 come Principal Investigator, nei settori di materiali innovativi, energia, sensoristica e biomedicina per i bandi #PRIN2022 e #PRINPNRR2022 (Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale) del Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca.

SELWA - SELf-cleaning ceramic membranes for Water and Agro-food by-products processing based on innovative materials and construction strategies

ELDORADO - Effective Light management in 2D perOvskite absorbeRs for A disruptive tanDem phOtovoltaic technology

TMCN-H2 - Development of Transition Metal Carbo-Nitride catalysts for low-cost and highly-efficient Hydrogen production through water splitting

ESILARANTE - ElectroSpray Immobilization of LAccase foR cANnabinoids deTEction

ATYPICAL - Atomically precise multifunctional single atom platforms

SEED4GREEN - A seed for the green transition. Tailoring Deep Eutectic Solvents for 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) transformation

PARADIGMA - The biological function of soluble proteins acquired by matrix vesicles

TECHPRO - Thermionic Energy Conversion for High Power RadiatiOn

NIR+ - Near InfraRed Photon management for transparent LUminescent Spectral conversion technologies

SPEEDHY - Solar PhotoElectrochEmical black Diamond converters for HYdrogen and ammonia production

REPLACE - Rethinking Perovskite Solar Cells From A Circular Economy Perspective

GREEN3 - GPARADIGMAreen-to-Green-to-Green: A Green detection system of chlorinated pesticides in veg/spices/herbs based on Green syntheses of highlighting particles within the Green Deal

MAGNETISE - Rare-earth single atom MAGnets aNchorEd aT oxIde Surfaces as a platform for new low-consumption magnetic dEvices

ODYSSEY - OperanDo electron spectroscopY for a molecular-level underStanding of water-Splitting with triazinE-based photocatalYsts

OPHELIA - OPtimized detection systems for High-dose-per-pulse measurements in ELectron-flash radiotherapy with Improved Accuracy

ReSET - Resonant Energy Transfer from Plasmonic Nanoparticles to Semiconductors: a Route to Improve Solar Photocatalytic Efficiency

ELATED - Enhanced LAser spectroscopy TEchniques for autism Diagnosis in children

HyPerMag - HYbrid ferrite nanocomposites for novel Rare-earth free PERmanent MAGnets

Gold Nanostructures for Benzofuryl-based Anti-tumoral Photoinduced Drug Delivery Systems

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