Tabletop Pump-Probe

Tabletop Pump-Probe

EFSL - EuroFEL Support Laboratory  -

It is possible to perform single wavelength pump-probe experiments. In this case the samples can be excited with 800, 400 or 266 nm light and probed with a single wavelength from the OPA (240 – 20000nm). The pump light is modulated with a chopper and the pump-probe signal is extracted using a lock-in amplifier. This method is complementary to the transient absorption and reflectance measurements with white light as it allows access to a range of probe wavelengths in the NIR/MIR (1600 – 20000 nm) not available in those experiments.


  • Rep. Rate: 1KHz
  • Temporal Resolution: 50 fs
  • Temporal Window: up to 1 ns
  • Pump Energy: 800, 400, 266 nm
  • Fluorescence Range: 350-800 nm
  • Gate Energy: 800 nm
  • Sample Temperature: RT, 77K


  • Pump-Probe in transmission


  • Sample dimensions: 10 x 10 mm (ideal), 5 x 5 mm (minimal), 50 x 50 mm (maximal).
    Sample holders are available.

  • Liquid sample. Cuvettes are available.
    Typical volume used 500 μl.

  • Solid samples can be studied also at 77K

  • Time for loading the sample and start measure: 10 min at RT, 60 min at 77K



  • Semiconductor/ Microelectronics

  • Nanostructured materials

  • Hybrid Materials

  • Molecules and Complexes

  • Photovoltaic

  • Plasmonics

  • Photocatalysis

  • Sensors

  • Energy

  • Biophysics

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