Patrizia Imperatori CV

  • 1981 Degree in Chemistry (University of Rome “La Sapienza”)
    1986 Permanent position as CNR researcher
  • Stages:
    1990 CNRS-Laboratoire de Crystallographie, France;
    1990-1991 AT&T-Bell Laboratories, US;
    1995-1996 AT&T-Bell Laboratories, US.
  • Member of Italian Association of Crystallography.
    Coauthor of ~ 60 papers published on international journals with referee.
    Teacher in national and international schools.
    Referee of international journals.
  • Experience and scientific interests:
    Experience in single crystal, powder and thin film x-ray diffraction using conventional and grazing incidence x-ray diffraction. Surface diffraction on clean reconstructed surfaces and metal overlayers deposited on semiconductors using synchrotron radiation. Structure determination from single crystal, powder and surface data by ab-initio methods and structural refinements by Rietveld method.
    The experimental activity was mainly devoted to the study of semiconductor materials such as Si, InGaAs, GaAs, metals on Si, magnetic materials such as AgCo, Iron oxides, CoPt alloys. Presently she is involved in the structural study of piezoelectric films (AlN, ZnO) deposited on different substrates, carbon nanotubes filled with organic or inorganic materials, metallic nanoparticles.


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