Dispositivi e sensori per alta temperatura e ambienti ostili

Dispositivi e sensori per alta temperatura e ambienti ostili

Il laboratorio DiaTHEMA (Diamond, Thermal & Harsh Enviroment Materials & Applications) sviluppa materiali nella forma di film sottili per dispositivi inquadrabili nell’ambito della dispositivistica elettronica e optoelettronica, della rivelazione di radiazione ionizzante e della conversione di energia solare concentrata per applicazioni in ambienti ostili o ad alta temperatura.

Per informazioni aggiuntive http://danieletrucchi.wixsite.com/diac2

E su https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7huVnCnK8s&t=112s

Informazioni su Daniele M. Trucchi

Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, in 2002 he joined CNR. From 2002 to 2006 he organized the technical-scientific activity of the EU Project “Diamond” for CNR. Co-author of the ECO-Diamond National Project (2007-2009), his activities were initially focused on the design, development and evaluation of the performance of diamond-based UV, X-ray, γ radiation detectors, innovative electron multipliers, nuclear- and thermal-to-electric energy converters. Since 2010 he has been managing the CNR activities on "Carbon-based Materials & Devices for Energy and Environment" and he has been leading the Diamond & Carbon Compounds Lab (DiaC2 Lab). From 2010 to 2013 he coordinated the activities of the FP7-Energy project E2PHEST2US for CNR (www.ephestus.eu), focused on the development of an innovative conversion module for solar concentrating systems based on thermionic and thermoelectric mechanisms. He is presently the coordinator of the FP7-Energy FET Project ProME3ThE2US2 (www.prometheus-energy.eu), aimed at developing efficient high-temperature semiconductor converters for solar concentration, and of several industrial projects funded by Prysmian SPA. He is also the local coordinator at CNR-ISM for the activities of the FP7-Energy IRP project STAGE-STE, of the regional project HALL, of the joint collaboration with CNR-IFP for the development of neutron CVD diamond spectrometers at the JET and ISIS sources, and of specific R&D activities funded by Italian SMEs (CAEN Spa, MiTEC Srl, Biosentec Technologies Srl, etc.). He is responsible for CNR team involved in the H2020 FET-OPEN project AMADEUS (January 2017 - December 2019) and PI of the FET-OPEN ILP project DMS (April 2017 - October 2018).