Gaspare Varvaro CV


  • PhD in Material Science, University “La Sapienza” of Rome, 2007.Title “CoPt-based thin PLD film systems for high density magnetic recording, conventional and tilted perpendicular media”.
  • Degree in Industrial Chemistry – Material Research and Development (full marks with honours), University “La Sapienza” of Rome, 2003.

Research positions

  • March 2010 to date. Permanent researcher at Institute of Structure of Matter (ISM), CNR, Roma.
  • 2007-2010. Post-doc at ISM-CNR

Scientific interest

Main interest. Investigation of angle and temperature dependent magnetic and magnetotransport properties of nanostructured materials and composites (films and nanoparticles) for information storage and magnetolectronic applications as well as fundamental studies.

Other fields of interest. Nanostructured materials and composites (films and nanoparticles) for health and energy applications (permament magnets, magnetocalorics); archeological specimens.

Technical skill and competences

  • Knowledge of magnetic properties of matter and related applications.
  • Familiar with different experimental techniques used in Materials Science: deposition techniques (PLD, sputtering, electrochemical deposition), magnetometry (vector-VSM, SQUID, AGFM), scanning probe microscopy, X-ray reflectivity and diffraction.
  • Experience in design, assembling and testing of deposition chambers for PLD deposition.
  • Experienced and capable user of word processors, scientific softwares, and document preparation systems for scientific texts (LaTeX, MiKTeX).

Significant international experiences

  • 2013 (2 months) – University of Delaware (Delaware, USA), supervisor: G. Hadjipanayis. Preparation of FePt-based granular thin films for ultra high density magnetic recording.Â
  • 2008 (4 months) – Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland), supervisor: Prof. J.M.D. Electrochemical synthesis of CoPt-based magnetic barcode nanowires for biomedical applications; synthesis of nanoporous polymeric membranes as templates for the fabrication of ordered arrays of magnetic nanodots.Â
  • 2005 (6 months) – University “Joseph-Fourier” (Laboratoire Louis Néel, CNRS, Grenoble, France), supervisor: Prof. D. Givord. Assembling and testing of a new Pulsed Laser Deposition apparatus, where magnetic and electric field are combined for clean and selective depositions.

Participation to Funded Projects

  • Marie Curie Actions IRSES (2012 – 2015) “Magnetic nanoparticles and thin films for spintronic applications and high performance permanent magnets” (NANOMAG).
  • PRIN 08 Italian project (2010 – 2012) “Preparation of perpendicular and lateral exchange-spring systems and study of their structural, microstructural and magnetic properties”.
  • ICT UE project (2008 – 2011) “Terabit magnetic Storage Technologies” (TERAMAGSTOR).
  • FILAS Italian project (2007 – 2009) “Design and developing of a multifunctional PLD apparatus for deposition of metallic alloy films, nanostructured multilayers and systems with complex stoichiometry” (MULTIPLD).
  • NMP UE project (2002-2005) “Self assembled nanoparticles and nanopatterned arrays for high density magnetic recording” (HIDEMAR). The Project was awarded with one of the 10 Descartes Prizes 2005 for the Excellence in Scientific Research (Section Engineering).

Scientific publications and communications

Author of 23 papers on ISI journals, 1 paper on conference proceedings, 1 book chapter and over 70 contributions (42 Oral – 18 Invited) to national and international conferences and workshops.

Google Scholar (number of citation 117; h-index : 7)

Scopus (number of citation 92; h- index : 5)

ISI web (number of citation 93; h- index : 5)


  • Magnetic Recording. Italian School of Magnetism, Pavia (Italy), 5-10 February 2012.


  • Nanostructured Magnetic Materials. IIM-HZDR, Dresden (Germany), 17 October 2011
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition under magnetic and electric field: a way to make nanostructured materials. Laboratoire Louis Néel – CNRS, Grenoble (France), 1 September 2005
  • Exchange Bias. ISM-CNR, Roma (Italy), 21 December 2004

Editorial and refereeing activities

  • Editor of the book “Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs”, Pan Stanford Publishing.
  • Referee of International JournalsIEEE Transaction on Magnetics, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Solid Sate Chemistry, Journal of Material Chemistry C Material Chemistry and Physics, Materials Research Bulletin.
  • Independent expert evaluator for International ProjectsNCSTE-Kazakistan.

Conference organization

Member of the organizing committee of the following Conferences:

  • International Conference of Nanostructured Materials (NANO2010), Roma (Italy), 13-17 September 2010;
  • I National Conference of Magnetism (MAGNET09), Roma, (Italy) 27 – 29 October 2009;
  • International Conference on Fine Particle and Magnetism (ICFPM-07), Roma (Italy), 9-12 October 2007;
  • VIII National Conference of Nanophase Materials, Roma (Italy), 29-30 May 2006;
  • National Conference of Nanophase Materials, Roma (Italy), 16-17 September 2004.


Research Activity @ Nanomagnet Group

Research Activity @ Nanomagnet Group