Stefano Turchini CV

  • Stefano Turchini took the degree in Physics in 1988 and is researcher at the CNR since 1994.
  • His scientific interest is in synchrotron radiation based spectroscopies.
  • He was involved in scientific projects at several synchrotron radiation sources (Daresbury (Warrington-UK), LURE (Paris-France), NSLS (Brookhaven-USA), ESRF (Grenoble-France)).
  • Since 1998 he is a member of the research group of the Circular Polarization beamline at ELETTRA (Trieste). His recent scientific interest is related to VUV-Soft X-Rays circular polarized light spectroscopies applied to chiral molecules and magnetic materials. He is responsible of a spectroscopy experiment in the project UliSSE (Ultrabright Light Source Spectroscopy Experiments) for atomic and molecular physics at the free electron laser FERMI@ELETTRA (Trieste). The experiment is related to the construction of a protein electrospray source. He is member of the committee of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society (SILS).
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