Paola Bolognesi CV

Education and Qualifications
04/1999 Ph.D. in Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics Group, Manchester University, UK
09/1996 Master of Science in Atomic and Molecular Processes, Manchester University, UK
03/1995 Degree in Physics (Laurea) University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy

Research Experience
Study of single and double photoionisation spectroscopy and dynamics of atoms and small molecules using synchrotron radiation sources: spectroscopic characterization of the targets via high resolution/high detection efficiency threshold photoelectron spectroscopies and study of the dynamics of direct/indirect ionisation and decay processes via coincidence techniques.
Study of two-photon resonant excitation/ionization processes via a combination of synchrotron+laser sources.
Study of the dynamics of inner and valence shell excitation, ionization and decay in electron impact experiments on free atoms, molecules, metal vapors and bio-molecules produced in the gas phase by a resistively heated source.

Technical Experience
Electron spectroscopy techniques (photoelectron spectroscopy, threshold photoelectron spectroscopy, (e,2e) and (g,2e) coincidence and multicoincidence techniques) in electron impact and photon impact experiments, using synchrotron facilities at the Daresbury SRS (UK), LURE (Orsay) and Elettra Storage Ring (Trieste, Italy).


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