Circular Polarization Beamline @ Elettra


  • April 1998 – First beam at sample position
  • July 1998 – Polarization characterization in the frame of the EEW EU contract.
  • Sept.1999 – Starts Commissioning and First Users (First Experiments on Dichroic Imaging)
  • Jan. 2000 – Partial User Access to the Beamline
  • Jan. 2002 – End of Commissioning: full operation regime.

Beamline optics

A. Derossi, F. Lama, M. Piacentini, T. Prosperi, N. Zema
“High flux and high resolution beamline for elliptically polarized radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet and soft x-ray regions”
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 66, 1718 (1995); doi:10.1063/1.1145828


Light source

Type Electromagnetic Elliptical Wiggler
Polarization switch frequency 0.1 Hz; attempts are running in order to improve it up to 100 Hz
Critical energy 1.33 keV
Source size σx=0.24 (mm)
σy=0.043 (mm)
σx’=0.030 (mrad)
σy’=0.017 (mrad)


Photon beam characteristics

Energy range 5-1000 eV
Energy resolution ΔE/E = 10-5 at 48eV (Ne-L1)
ΔE/E=10-4 at 850eV (Ne-K1)
Photon fluxes 1012 ph/sec (200mA ring current, at 100 eV)
Beam size exit slits height x 500µm



High Degree of Polarization (95-70%)
High Flux Rate Und/ Wiggler (5-900 eV)
Good Resolving Power (10000-3000)