Health and human wellbeing are among the main topics of the Horizon 2020 programs. In an aging society any effort to improve early diagnosis and therapy of the most common diseases is welcome. Because of advances in cellular and molecular biology the approaches to oncology therapy are moving towards innovative strategies. ISM expertise in spectroscopy and microscopy techniques combined with the ability to prepare nanomaterials with well defined properties can provide a noticeable contribution to the field.
A nanoscale insight into candidate radiosensitizers (functionalized DNA bases, cisplatin based compounds or nanoparticles) are essential to adopt suitable approaches in radiotherapy, while an early diagnosis of tumoral seeds can save lives.

Other contribution are given by the activities aiming to develop new nanomechanical biosensors with levels of sensitivity high enough to investigate bacteria metabolism or novel approaches to unveil the mechanisms of protein folding/misfolding, which determine amyloid diseases (for example Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases), very common in the adult population over sixty-five.

The expertise in the synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles of different materials finds an useful application in drug delivery.