Giovanna Pennesi CV

  • Dr Giovanna Pennesi got her Ph.D. in Pure Chemistry in 1978 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  •  In 1982 she had a permanent position as Scientist at the CNR in the Institute of Chemistry of Materials (ICMAT)
  • In 1985-1986 she had an “International Collaboration” founded by CNR with prof. L.A.Bottomley George Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia) working on metallo-phthalocyanines electrochemistry studies and in 1986 she made two months stage at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • In 1987 she spent one year at Institut de Chimie Minerale et Analytique, Universitè de Lausanne, working with Prof. Carlo Floriani as supervisor in the field of organometallic chemistry.
  • She has been research leader (1994-1995) of the scientific project «Molecular Material for Chemical Sensors Based on Phthalocyanines and Poly-oxoanions» funded by the national project «New Materials» of the National Research Council;
  • In 1997-2000 she coordinated a working group devoted to the synthesis of new molecular aggregates reliable as chemical sensors, founded by the Target Project «Special Materials for Advanced Technologies» of the National Research Council.
  • In 2006-2009 she is leader of the scientific project “Synthesis of new molecular systems and their applications in optoelectronic devices” of the National Research Council.
  • Giovanna Pennesi is currently Senior Scientist at the Institute of Structure of Matter of CNR in the research field of Molecular Materials with Non-conventional Properties, her work attained mostly at the utilisation and characterization of phthalocyanine compounds as thin films in optical and conductimetric gas-sensors for the environmental monitoring.
  • Dr. Giovanna Pennesi is author of more than 55 papers and patents.


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