Gentilina Rossi CV

  • Dr. Gentilina Rossi is currently “Visiting Researcher” at the Institute of Matter Structure of CNR (Roma). She graduated in Chemistry at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”.
  • She completed her professional training spending one year at the Department of Chemistry in Sheffield University (UK) and then at the Department of Chemistry of Florida state University (Tallahassee, Florida , USA) Scientific Activity.
  • New and original synthetic work was carried out during her experimental activity allowing to achieve a good knowledge of synthesis methods used in inorganic chemistry. The scientific activity is mainly focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of phtalocyanine-based materials. Phthalocyanines compounds prompted a large number of scientists to explore the non conventional chemical/physics properties that collocate these materials among the promising ones for technological application in fields such as photonics, optoelectronics, chemical sensors, photovoltaic devices, etc. The work was devoted to the synthesis of new phtalocyanine-based systems for potential applications in Catalysis, Electrochromic Displays, Chemical Sensors, photonics, and very recently in photovoltaic field.
  • Her scientific activity is testified by significant contributions on international journals and international meetings.
  • From 1985 she has been leader of a research group involved in the institutional research activity and she also has coordinated many external funded projects Teaching and formation activity: She thought at the Roma University “La Sapienza” to students belonging to the Physics Department and followed many students during their thesis experimentally carried out in the chemical laboratory under her supervision.