Francesco Filippone CV

  •  PhD: Materials Science April 23rd 1999 Degree: Chemistry (summa cum laude)
  • Main interests: Density Functional Theory, Density Functional Perturbation Theory and Car– Parrinello method. Solid State Chemistry of metal oxides. Defects and surfaces in III-V semiconductors. Magnetic semiconductors.
    Computer skills: Use and system administration of Linux, Unix, OS/2 machines
    Programming languages: FORTRAN, C (basics), LATEX
  • Curriculum Vitæ:
    August 2003 – today Staff scientist at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Struttura della Materia, Montelibretti (Roma, Italy).
    14 March 2003 Talk; “Negative thermal expansion in zirconium tungstate”. CPMD 2003 conference, Ascona (Switzerland).
    April 2001 – July 2003 Research fellowship at CNR–ISM. Themes of research: surfaces and defects in III-V semiconductors; titanium oxides as a photocatalyst for environmental chemistry; defects in semiconductors.
    January 2001 Talk; “Exact Hessian information from electronic response. Applications to geometry optimization and vibrational frequencies studies”. CPMD 2001 conference, Schloss Ringberg (Germany).
    9 November 2000 Talk; “Exact Hessian information from electronic response. Applications to geometry optimization and diagonalization”. Institut für Festkörperforschung, Forschungzentrum Jülich GmbH, Jülich (Germany).
    February 1999 – February 2001 Post Doctoral fellow in Prof. M. Parrinello’s group, Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart (Germany). Research themes: Applications of Density Functional Perturbation Theory to vibrational analysis and geometry optimization. Participation to the development of the code CPMD (Car– Parrinello Molecular Dynamics:
    23 April 1999 Ph.D. degree in Material Science, from University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Thesis title: “Modeling ionic solvation in catalytic processes: structural and dynamical aspects”.
    June 1996 – December 1998 Attended the Ph.D. course at the Chemistry Department. Supervisor: Prof. F.A. Gianturco.
    September 1998 Talk: “Structure and dynamics of molecular clusters in zeolitic cages”. Pirelli Cavi & Sistemi, Milano (Italy).
    September 1998 Poster; “Structure and dynamics of molecular clusters in zeolitic cages”. AIZ 98, Italian Zeolite Association national Meeting, Como (Italy).
    July 1998 Attended the Summer School in Computational Quantum Chemistry at Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS-SCSC), Lugano (Switzerland).
    July 1998 Poster: “Structure of protonated Argon and Helium clusters: an ab initio molecular dynamics study”. ECAMP VI, European Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics, Siena (Italy)
    September 1997 Attended the Summer School in Quantum Chemistry: Density Functional Theory of Atoms, Molecules and Clusters, organized by University of Cantabria, Laredo (Spain).
    July 1997 Attended the 6th CINECA’s Vectorial and Parallel Computing Summer School, Bologna (Italy).
    September 1996 Attended XXV Summer School of Italian Crystallography Association: Structural Crystallography and Recognition of Molecular and Ionic Species, Perugia (Italy).
    September 1995 Talk; “An ab initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Sodalite”. III National Meeting on Science and Technology of Zeolites, Italian Zeolites Association, Cetraro (Cosenza, Italy).
    March 1995 – June 1996 Military service, lieutenant in the Army Technical Corps.
    July 14th 1994 Degree in Chemistry, Summa cum laude, from University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Thesis title: “Studio delle propriet`a strutturali ed elettroniche della sodalite mediante dinamica molecolare ab initio” (Study of structural and electronic properties of sodalite by ab initio molecular dynamics).
    April 1993 – March 1995 Stage for degree thesis at IBM European Center for Scientific and Engineering Computing (ECSEC), Rome. Supervisors: Prof. P. Porta, Dr. S. Iarlori and Dr. F. Buda.
    Oct. 1988 – July 1994 Undergraduate student.
    July 1988 High-school diploma (Liceo Scientifico): full marks.


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