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The EuroFEL Support Laboratory is equipped with a complete 35 femtosecond amplified Ti:Sa laser system (Coherent Vitara-T,  Legend Elite HE+ and OPerA-Solo – OPA). The lab can perform pump-probe experiment in a wide energy range, using 800, 400 and 266 nm as a pump and the OPA radiation as a probe (240 – 20000 nm) in the single wavelength setup. It’s also possible to perform Transient Absorption measurements using the large energy range of the OPA (240 – 3000 nm) as a pump and a white supercontinuum pulse (200 – 1600 nm) as a probe. The possibility to tune the pump by means of our OPA allows us to obtain a huge quantity of information about the studied systems, explored under different excitation conditions. This is really useful in the field of plasmonics, energy, bio-materials, meta-materials, and in all the fields that need information about energy, thermal and electronic redistributions, changes of conformation and state bleaching effects in the time domain of femtoseconds or picoseconds.

Contact: efsl@ism.cnr.it