Donato Attanasio CV

  •  Education: Doctor degree in Chemistry (110, Roma 1969)
    Research Associate, Dept. of Physical-Chemistry, Nijmegen, Nederland, 1974-75.
    NATO Fellowship, Dept. of Chemistry, Davis CA, U.S.A., 1979.
  • Present position: Visiting Researcher, scientific head of the research unit “Marmi Antichi”
  • Past research interests: Paramagnetic resonance and double resonance spectroscopies. Molecular materials based on polyoxoanion units. Deterioration mechanisms of ancient and modern paper. EPR dating.
  • Present research interests: Ancient marbles of archaeological and art-historical interest. Statistically based determination of provenance using EPR, isotopic and petrographic data. Marble deterioration and conservation procedures.
  • Published papers: approximately 100 Books:
    “Ancient White Marbles”, L’Erma, Roma 2003
    “The isotopic signature of Classical Marbles”, L’Erma, Roma 2006.
    Book chapters.
  • Scientific head of reseach units in national strategic and finalized projects.
  • Adviser for marble identification and provenance on account of several national (Capitolini, Nazionale Romano, Vaticani, Galleria dell’Accademia etc.) and international institutions (Metropolitan, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Athens Natl. Museum etc.).
  • Member of the Missione Archeologica Italiana a Hierapolis (Lecce), Cyrenaica Archaelogical Project (Oberlin, USA), Aphrodisias Archaeological Mission (Oxford, UK).
  • Referee of Journal of Cultural Heritage, Archaeometry, Journal of Archaeological Science.
  • Elected member of the Comitato d’Istituto (2001-2008).


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