The future economic growth and jobs of our country and all Europe will increasingly have to come from innovation in products, services and business models. Thus is a duty of any research institution to demonstrate the ways in which research is contributing to innovation and account for public spending.
ISM besides an effective publication activity in high impact factor journals, participation and organization of scientific conferences and workshops is strongly committed to form a scientific culture in the next generations of citizens. After a well established collaboration with local schools for lessons and lab sessions on material science, seminars and training course for teachers as well as laboratory visits, since 2015 ISM is a part of a national project “Il Linguaggio della Ricerca“.
The special attention to the e-learning techniques has lead to the establihment of a devoted web site: minerva.mlib.cnr.it.

ISM personnel is also involved in periodical TV programs and contribute to national events like the “Researchers’ European Night” and Science Festivals and Science Days in the country.