Dino Fiorani CV

  • Education : Doctor degree in Chemistry (University of Rome) and PhD in Physics (University of Grenoble)
  • Career / Employment: Director of the “Institute for Matter‘s Structure” Research Director since 1992
  • Number of published papers: 230
    Number of citations: 4270
    Invited speaker in a number of international and national conferences and lecturer in a number of international and national schools
  • Specialization/ Research field:
    Nanostructured magnetic materials (magnetic nanoparticles, nanogranular films) for magnetic sensors and magnetorecording media; high Tc superconductors; disordered magnetic materials (spin-glasses)
  • Coordination activity:
    a) National Coordinator of the Magnetism Section of the Italian Condensed Matter Group (1989 – 1992)
    – Coordinator of the theme “High Tc superconductivity” of the National Project on “Special materials for advanced technologies” ( 1989 – 1991)
    – Coordinator of the Section “Materials for magnetic and superconductors devices” of the National Institute of New Materials and associated technologies (1997 – 1999)
    – Coordinator of the Project &ldqio;Innovative materials, magnetic and superconducting systems and devices” of the “Materials and Devices” Department of CNR (2006 – ..)b) Coordinator of UE Projects
    Coordinator of the UE project “Self assembled nanoparticles and nanopatterned arrays for high density magnetorecording” (2002-2005) (Awarded with a UE Descartes Prize for the Excellence in Collaborative Research, 2005)c) Coordinator of national projects
    – Sub-project “Magnetism” of the CNR Project “Matter‘s physics” (1990)
    – CNR project “Magnetic films and multilayers” (1992)
    – Sub-project “Nanoarrays and artificial magnetic structures” of the CNR Project “Nanotechnologies for high density memory devices” (2004-2006)

    d) Coordinator of the ISM-CNR Institute Research Unit in a number of European projects (Science, Stimulation, Brite-Euram, CRAFT, Human Capital and Mobility Networks) and bilateral (CNR-equivalent foreign Institutions) collaborations

    e) Responsible of the ISM Research Unit in a number of National Projects (among them “Microsystems based on new magnetic materials structured on nanoscopic scale” (2004-2006)

  • Organizational activity
    – Director of national schools on magnetism (“Magnetic properties of Matter” (1990) and nanostructured materials “Fundamental properties of Nanostructured Materials” (1993)
    – Organizer and chairman of international conferences (“Magnetic Nanoparticles and their relevance to materials science“, Rome, 1991; “ISMANAM”, Rome, 1996; International Conference on Magnetism, Rome, 2003; “VI International Conference on magnetic nanoparticles: new trends in nanoparticle magnetism”, Rome, 2007) and national conferences (“Nanophase Materials”, 8 Editions, the last in 2006); organizer of and responsible of Symposia in national and international conferences; chairman of the Program Committee of Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS-06)
  • Others
    – Member of the Magnetism Commission of IUPAP (2006-…)
    – Advisory Editor of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (1998 – …)
    – Editor of books
    – Referee of UE projects and of high impact factor Journals
    – Member of the Committee of the Section “Magnetism, metals and superconductors” of the National Institute of Matter Physics (INFM) ( 1989 – 1993)
    – Member of the program and scientific committee of a number of international and national conferences
    – Chapter of Encyclopedias (Treccani, “Magnetism and nanotechnologies”)
    – Teacher of PhD courses at University