Aspnes – The history and future of EPIOPTICS

Aspnes – Intelligent Processing of Spectra

Bechstedt – Dirac and Weyl fermions in optical properties

Brune – Single Atom Magnets at Surfaces – State-of-the-art and Future Perspectives

Chandola – Optical properties of hydrogen passivated Si(553)-Au surfaces

Cho – Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties on a few layers of In2Se3

Cobet – Electrochemical In-Situ Ellipsometry: An Atomistic Insight to Redox Reactions at Solid Liquid Interfaces

Cricenti – Optical Nanospectroscopy for Tissue Imaging and Early Cancer Diagnostics

Eisebitt – Ultrafast magnetism studied with femtosecond x-ray pulses

Fang – Photocatalytic Solar water splitting based on luminescent CDs: Fundamental understanding and several promises

Faraone – Epitaxial Blue-Phosphorene: from the synthesis to integration into devices

Faugeras – Linear optics of excitons in layered semiconductors

Foster – Strain-induced nonlinear susceptibility χ(2) enhancement in thin film Ba1-xSrxTiO3 (BSTO)

Furchner – Interactions of Water with 3D‐Structured Surfaces and Thin Films

Hingerl – Classical model for bulk quadrupole contributions to second harmonic generation in silicon

Humlicek – Effective medium approach to nanostructures: strengths and weaknesses

Madeira – Analysis of Samples from Arts and Cultural Heritage

Mikhaylovskiy – Terahertz spectroscopy and control of spin dynamics

Mock – The physics of low symmetry metal oxides with special attention to phonons, plasmons and excitons and their potential for uses in power electronics and quantum technologies

Molle – Xenes: a two-dimensional materials platform for nanoelectronics and more

Novikova – Mueller Matrix polarimetry applied to biosamples and in cancer detection

Orlita – Magneto-optics of relativistic-like electrons

Ossikovski – Phenomenological Modelling of Ellipsometry and Mueller Matrix Polarimetry Measurements: Theory and Experiment

Pedersen – Nanoscale materials for solar absorbers and thermal emitters

Plaickner – Raman spectroscopy of hydrogen-doped Si(553)-Au surface


Rusnacko – Global phase diagram of the extended Kitaev-Heisenberg model for honeycomb iridates

Sturm – Crystal optics on low-symmetry crystals

Tolk – Depth-dependent studies of electron and phonon ultrafast dynamics in femtosecond laser induced transient states of matter

Vattuone – Chemistry of graphene: adsorption of CO at pristine, doped and defected supported graphene

Vogt – Vibrational properties of Si nano-materials

Wang – Molecular Anisotropy at Air/Solid and Solid/Liquid Interfaces with Sum-Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy

Wurstbauer – Long-lived excitons in bilayer systems – exploring the phase diagram of composite bosons

Zahn – Strategies for Enhanced Raman Spectroscopies to Detect Small Amounts of Material